[200q20v] Car is running poorly

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Nov 11 20:56:33 EST 2000

Could be a number of things, but you've alluded to a possible (and simple)
cause--rain/moisture. Perhaps you have a wet ignition. How old are the
ignition wires? Distr. cap? When you open the hood (with cold engine) can
you see condensed moisture? I believe there are some sprays sold (to apply
to wet ignition wires) that are supposed to deal with such problems and may
offer a temporary fix.  Usually this clears up when the engine gets nice
and warm/hot, but perhaps you didn't drive long enough. Can you park the
car in garage overnight with hood open? Hair drier?


At 8:15 PM -0500 11/11/00, -J J- wrote:
>   I have been having troubles with my 200 for the past 3 days. It started
>on thursday when we had heavy rains all day and night, and I did a lot of
>driving that day too. It was cold also, perhaps 40 degrees F. On the day it
>was raining the car started very hard, and idled roughly, nearly stalling, I
>would have to give it gas to keep it from stalling. When i wqould start
>driving it would hesitate on accleration. WHen warm it would run fine
>though. On friday i could not get the car to start at all. It would crank
>fine, so no problem with the battery, but it would not catch. Today it
>started hard again, I had to crank for 5 seconds or more. It is idling
>terribly now, it will stall even if i give it gas. I drove it for a bit and
>it got better when warm, but then i just tried to start it 20 minutes ago,
>and the idle was worse than ever, and i didnt dare try to drive it for fear
>of stalling and not being able to start it agin.
>ANy thoughts? BTDT's?  BTW before this the car would start right away, and
>would occasionally idle roughly, but never for more than 30 seconds or a
>                                 HELP!!

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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