[200q20v] Re: Radio has lost signal

Paul Matsuda pmatsuda at mac.com
Sat Nov 11 18:35:23 EST 2000


check out these links:


i need to change the amplifier on mine as well, so if you beat me to it, let
me know if you have any words of wisdom in regards to doing the swap. the
sales person at antennaworld told me that 9 years is about the expected life
of the amplifier. i also remember reading about bypassing the amp, but can't
remember where i saw it.

Paul Matsuda
Mill Valley,CA
'91 200tqw

> From: George Sidman <sidman at nousoft.com>
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> Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 13:56:29 -0800
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> Subject: [200q20v] Re: Radio has lost signal
> I have had Sony head units in my 91'200TQ wagon for some
> time. Recently the signal sensitivity has gone away, along
> with the mechanics in the head unit CD player. The CD
> changer installed in back works fine.
> So, this morning I installed a new head unit, only to
> discover that the signal problem appears to be in the
> antenna system - everything else works. In Bentley I find
> antenna amplifier units implied both front and rear, but no
> mention of where the amps are installed in the wagon. I seem
> to remember a recent discussion re this, and that the amp is
> under the back seat?? Could the little whip antenna above
> the hatch have gone bad?
> Any sage counsel?
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