[200q20v] 200q20v 3B ---> RS200 ADU ..... wiring coding, wiring chart , coils, transistors ?

tommy.arnberg at nokia.com tommy.arnberg at nokia.com
Fri Nov 10 15:03:43 EST 2000

Hi  !

I would appreciate some help concerning 
the wiring chart of Audi 100 S4  AAN  engine Motronic 55 PIN
cabeling and especially the ignition coils and Bosch transistors.

- How are the Bosch ignition transistor pins  connected ?
- how does the engine coding plug (Kodierstecker T6m) differ from 3B / AAN
- how is color coding of the 55 wires  out of Motronic ECU ?
  (I have the 3B wiring and I would like to compare it)

My Engine is 3 B , but I have  conversion project into ADU/AAN environment:
about 80% ready.   Tho mod is motivated by better ECU SW in 
direct ignition cars and I´ll make it possible to 
get an 2.3 BAR overboost (3.3 total) SW from  my German friend.

My current plan is to build an adapter box 
between current A200 3B engine wiring harness
Motronic interface plug (55 PIN) and RS2 Motronic Box
(or equal AAN or ABY Mox with 3 BAR sensor in it)


+ new trigger & ground & wires for coil boosters + coding plug changes

Installation steps (WIP):
- BUILD THE CONVERSION ADAPTER BOX  (coding area and coils wiring open)
- install direct ignition valve cover over and cover hat + 5 x coils
- install direct ignition type inlet manifold (ABY, AAN or ADU)
- install the 2 ignition boosters (BOSCH)
- check grounding of new wiring  and change some fuses
- install 5 x new ignition coil booster trigger wires
- connect 3B engine harness to adapter
- connect adatpter harnees into RS2 BOX
- Turn the engine on with the ignition key 

Attached is my current info about the coils in direct ignition environment


- is it correct ?

When the plan is ready I´ll publish it in above egroups www-pages...


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