[200q20v] winter oil (also new oils available)

Steve Hackett sbhack at attglobal.net
Mon Nov 13 21:11:39 EST 2000

BTDT.  Following some research, I've settled on 5w40.  Castrol is supplying 
a SYNTEC to VOA/AUDI with p/n ZVW 352 540s .  It's pricey as it is sourced 
through dealers but I have found a source for Pentosin "PENTOSYNTH" 5w40 
which may be what Audi is filling the new cars with - the owners manual for 
a 2000 A6 doesn't even have the temp/viscosity chart but simply says the 
car was filled at the factory with 5w40 and is good for all temp ranges and 
if you can't find 5w40 then use 5w30.

see http://www.pentosin.de/eng/Products/products.html there is even a 10w60 !

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At 11:12 AM 11/8/00 -0500, Mark Trank wrote:
>Fellow listers:
>I've monitored various posts since joining the list concerning the correct
>oil weight(s) for winter driving.  I use Mobil 1 15w-50 in my 200q and
>recall that some owners prefer 15w-40 or 15w-30 during the coldest months,
>while others stay with the heavier oil throughout.  FYI, I'm in Central
>Virginia and winters here are mostly moderate (40's), with occasional cold
>snaps in the 20's and 30's, with snow, ice etc.  My view at this point is to
>stay with 15w-50 but make sure I leave adequate warming time for the engine
>on the coldest days, which I would do regardless of which oil I use (though
>school drop-off times for the kids sometimes forces an earlier than optimal
>departure time!)
>Any advice, BTDT etc. is most appreciated.

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