[200q20v] Windshield replacment recommendations, '91 200?

Matt Bauer mtbauer at uswest.net
Tue Nov 14 07:29:35 EST 2000

Last night the 200 was broken into while I was watching the football game at a
friends. They broke the window back by the c pillar on the drivers side and
opened the door. Luckily there wasn't anything of value in the car and they
apparently had no interest in the bose stereo. All in all I guess it isn't too
bad. Nothing was taken and they broke the smallest window on the car. Just 2
questions: Any idea what the going rate for replacing that window is? It is my
understanding that the factory alarm is set to go off if all the doors are
locked and one of them is unlocked w/o the key. Is this not so? I didn't hear
the alarm at all, and I suppose that its possible it was drowned out by the
game, but the car was not very far from the house. Figures something like this
happens when the temp in Denver is getting down to single digits over night.
As always, thanks.


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