[200q20v] Thermostat was stuck open! fixed

Brian.Link at Level3.com Brian.Link at Level3.com
Tue Nov 14 08:36:08 EST 2000

Thanks to all the replies when I asked about my temp gauge reading so low
now that it has gotten colder around here.  At first I was convinced that
this was normal, but then it got really cold and the gauge would go to the
bottom of the cold side when I was going down longish hills.  Also I got a
few emails from people cursing the short life span of the thermostats. 

When I pulled mine I found a 87 deg C thermostat that was closed and looked
fine.  I installed the new one thinking I was wasting my time, but now the
gauge reads just a hair below the 5th (bold) tick mark and my oil temp gauge
reads at the first tick mark I'm hoping above 100C.  
Removing it was a challenge, total job took about 1.5-2 hours.  I used a
couple of universals to loosen up the bolts.  I did not pull the PS pump.

Thanks again
Brian Link
Boulder, CO.

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