[200q20v] FYI: H&R Springs & Headlights

Tim Mechem tmechem at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 11:43:24 EST 2000

I just spoke with Jim (a fellow '91 20V200 owner) from
Blaufergnugen, and I have a couple pieces of info to

Springs listed on their web site for $289 are not for
the '91 20V200TQ.  You must call and request these
from a sales person, and the correct price is $336. 
He also told me that H&R will no longer make springs
for the '91 20V200TQ. Blau has 1 or 2 more sets left
in inventory.

He also told me that they will be offering a package
deal in their next mailing for the euro headlights. 
The package will include: headlights, harness, bulbs,
and headlight control (stops headlight warning from
turning on in dash).  Do not know what total price
will be, but a sale is a sale.  It sounded good enough
for me to delay my purchase (plus they were on

'91 200TQ20V 117K
Just ordered: H&R springs, Bilstein shocks, front
stablizer bushings, strut mounts, turbo after-run
switch & relay.

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