[200q20v] Windshield replacement recommendations, '91 200?

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I had my Windshield replaced this summer, and (at least with my insurance
company) I was able to choose, of which I chose the Sigla (or something like
that) The shop also recommended it too, said the aftermarket was not as good
and whether true or not,it does not have the ant. embedded in the glass.

Just my 2c worth.

(And they paid the $100 dollar deductible)

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I checked on having mine replaced about a year ago. As I recall, the shop
told me that the Audi factory glass was about $750 installed and an
aftermarket was about 1/2 that. They also said that my insurance most likely
would not pay for factory glass when they  can get aftermarket. I have not
persued it yet. I'm waiting now until spring to get it done - no sense
getting it broken again with all the rocks on the road during the winter.

Thanks to Mike S. for the warning on the moulding - it was the same on my 81
5+5 years ago also.

mike miller

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: I'm looking for recommendations for a glass shop/chain to replace my front
: windshield in my '91 200q20v sedan.  Need the antenna in the window; not
: if there is an aftermarket, or if it is as good.  I'm in the southern
: NH/Manchester NH area.  Appreciate a direct reply.
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