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If I had to venture a guess, it would be "no"; Mobil synth is probably not
GL-4 (but I don't know). My experience was that the a GL-4  tranny oil was
pretty difficult (impossible?) to locate in routine auto supply outlets.
Everything I saw at several shops was GL-5, and that's why I eventually
mail-ordered some Redline MT-90 when I did a tranny oil change about 18
months ago. Then, not long after, I needed an emergency (input shaft)
oil-seal replacement and when it came time to refill the tranny, all the
shop had (or could get) was a GL-5 oil. So that's what I've been using for
the past year.

The GL-4  oils are believed to promote longer life of the (bronze alloy)
synchromesh gears (inasmuch as adverse reactions occur with the GL-5
additives at the synchro surfaces.)


At 6:56 PM -0500 11/15/00, Glen Dustin Powell wrote:
>Is Mobil synth gear oil GL4? Been using it fer years.......
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>><< Ok this should be easy. I want to have a local garage change the oil in
>>the trans/diff and rear differential. The owner's manual states what
>>oils to be used and I want to follow those specs. (no super-duper
>>stuff). My questions:
>>1) Is the trans and the diff up front filled all by one plug ?
>>Yes.  One fill, two drain plugs.  Make sure you can remove the 17mm allen
>>fill plug prior to draining the oil.
>>2) what are the capacities of all the units
>>3) what oils can be used, Castrol brand perhaps ?
>>Capacity, type and weight are in the owner's manual or Bentley manual, I
>>believe.  I'd use a synthetic.
>Yes, but I'll place a small wager that Max's "local garage" will not have
>the proper tranny oil specified by Audi. Audi specifies type GL-4, but your
>local yokel will very likely have GL-5 oil and will try to convince you
>it's the same (or "better"). Even good shops will do this (use GL-5), but
>knowing what we do about the cost/availability/vulnerability of the
>trannies in our cars, I'd try to make certain the GL-4 spec is used. Best
>to discuss this _before_ they start the job.
>>4) where is the drain plug in the rear diff ?
>>As I recall, the drain plug is down near the bottom.
>Hats off to those Audi engineers!  :-)
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