[200q20v] snow tire size

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at uslink.net
Wed Nov 15 19:57:28 EST 2000

Phil Rose wrote:

> At 10:21 AM -0500 11/8/00, Henry A Harper III wrote:
> >On Tuesday, November 07, 2000 9:54 PM, Mpl20020vtq at aol.com
> >[SMTP:Mpl20020vtq at aol.com] wrote:
> >>   I was wondering what size snow tire most people use on their 91 200?
> >> Should I go to a 205/65 or even narrower.  I always used a 195/60 on my 4kq
> >> and had great results.  I've already noticed that the 215/60 on my 200
> >> hydroplane and float on top of the snow more than my 4kq.  Blizzaks or
> >> Nokians?  Thanks for your help
> >>
> >
> >I'm very happy with 195/65-15 Hakka-1's on 15x7 Audi OEM steel wheels (fit
> >over
> >UFOs, got from Tire Rack) - starting fourth season and all the studs are
> >still
> >in, tread doesn't look all that worn. There are of course newer designs out
> >now, but the Hakkas were so much better than the Blizzaks I had on my GTI
> >that
> >I got another set for that car as soon as practical.
> I'm using same size 195/65-15 and tire (studded Hakka-1) as Henry, but on
> alloy ("turbo") 15x7 wheels. Getting ready for 3rd season on these, and
> both tread & studs look like they could last several more. By the end of
> winter it's been a blessed relief to get away from the stud noise. Not that
> noise is so extreme, but there's just not been enough icy roads around here
> (western NY) to justify studding.

    Sorry for the late response - been busy lately.  I just finished refinishing
my stock BBS 15" wheels - lots of sandpaper, elbow grease and polishing compound.
I changed my UFO brake upgrade back to UFO's from the Porsche 996 monoblocks
calipers (per Anderson Motorsport) and put on 195/65 x 15 (H rated) Nokian NRW's.
I wanted maximum snow cutting/carving ability that this narrow tire will give.
Judging from what Keith Anderson has sold this season (about a semi load), this
tire it is very popular locally (Minneapolis).  Touted as an excellent all around
tire, aggressive tread, 50K warranty, and very quiet (confirmed).  They claim that
this is the only 4 season tire that exceeds the new government snow condition
regulation that carries the Severe Service Emblem.  Will let you know when I get
some snow to play with.

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