[200q20v] Rear Pillar AM/FM Antenna Amplifier

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Wed Nov 15 21:00:49 EST 2000


It is actually very difficult to take a rock and break, or rather & more
precisely, puncture as per your implication the rear window on an 80/90...
I've hypothesized and tested many times at my friend's (Sh!tkan) and
arrived at the inevitable conclusion that about the only thing that can
compromise the glass is a large 15lb+ rock - any smaller rock regardless
of eject velocity (with attempts ranging from 30-89mph) will shockingly
simply bounce off the rear windshield with nary a scratch.  While large
mass, heavy weight rocks launched at much slower velocities shatter the
windshield easily, they do not puncture.  Therefore I think it is almost
humanly impossible, without the use of additional tools, to puncture the
glass in the manner you've described and so it is best that you fixed the
problem using the solution you've presented.

'91 2cq

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Bernie Benz wrote:

> Martin,
> Thanks for the tip.  I've had the same problem with my 90Q-20V for a year+.
> Previously I had inspected the pc board with a magnifing glass and found
> nothing worth touching up.  I was about to throw a rock through the rear
> window and have it replaced by insurance, but that seamed dishonest and I
> couldn't find the rock.
> So, following your experience, I resoldered the apparently perfectly good
> solder joint and WHALA!  AM is back.
> Thanks.
> Bernie
> '87 5KTQ     240K
> '90 90Q-20V  130K
> '91 200Q-20V 110K 

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