[200q20v] Looked at '97 A8

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Thu Nov 16 09:27:00 EST 2000

Just thought I would pass a long a story because I'm sure I'm not the only
one thinking of what car they would buy next.

Went to the Audi dealer to order some parts yesterday and went to a used car
dealer down the street that has nothing but BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's, etc.
They have a silver A8 (that is on traderonline.com) with a grey interior and
a black dash. It has 52K miles. Not one ding on the whole car (and I live in

They are asking $29,600 and it is a nice car! I drove it, it appears to have
a lot of get up and go, I'm sure it's just as fast off the line as a stock
91 200q, easier to drive fast (to make it go fast), but I didn't take it on
the highway, so I doubt it's as fast above 70 or so.

The guy wanted to sell it to me....I hate to say it, but I wanted to buy it!
Really nice car. CD changer, all the bells and whistles, nice climate
control (with vents for AC on the pillar between the front and rear seat for
rear passengers)....yada....yada.

Oh well, my car is paid for, need to put on those $550 worth of new control
arms that I've had for months now, fix a few other things and I'll love it
again (which I still do).

But a 97 A8 will most likely be my next car, I'll wait until next year and
wait until I find one less than 25K. One heck of a car for that! Then I'll
hold on to it for just a couple years and get a 00 A6 with 2.7T, sport
package and a six speed. Tint those windows and you have a mean car!

Paul (dreamin')

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