[200q20v] Help-UFO brake problems!

Paul Matsuda pmatsuda at mac.com
Fri Nov 17 05:15:34 EST 2000

what price were you quoted for rotors? i had mine replaced with audi
rebuilds that i got from linda @ carlsen. i can't remember how much i paid
offhand, but it was significantly less than my mechanic had quoted me for
"new" rotors. ($280/ea maybe?). still a chunk of change, but those rotors
seem to last forever and i think i read somewhere that there was something
in the way that audi was rebuilding the rotors which got rid of the shake,
rattle and roll. at least my brakes have been vibration free since i've had
them installed (about a year).
good luck in finding a solution that fits your budget. hope it helps.
Paul Matsuda
Mill Valley,CA
'91 200tqw

> From: "digital leopard" <digitaleopard at hotmail.com>
> Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 12:45:08 GMT
> To: 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: [200q20v] Help-UFO brake problems!
> Ok, I've had my 91' 200 for about a year now, and love driving it.  Had my
> warning indicator for the brakes come on last week, so I took her into
> Werner Masterwerks today.  BAD news-the UFOs are shot, and I need new rotors
> and pads.  And the rotors cost a ton.  And I am, of course, currently
> unemployed.  Have been looking into brake options, but am not sure which way
> to go.  For right now, want to go the cheapest way possible-so that means
> a) finding a used set of rotors somewhere, or
> b) back/updating the brakes to the non-UFO spec.
> For option (a), does anyone have a used set they want to sell?  (And just
> how big of a pain will it be to do the UFO's myself?)  And for option (b),
> does anyone have any advice about this?  Should I scavenge the brakes from
> an earlier 100/200 non-UFO setup, or buy the upgrade kit the shop says Audi
> sells to replace the UFOs?
> And (in the longer term, when I can afford it) does anyone have a preference
> as to brake upgrades?  2Bennett and Moveit have kits-any preference?  Other
> suggestions?  Thanks for the help.
> Ron Merrell.
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