[200q20v] Throttle Switch/Potentionmeter failure and High Boost

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Fri Nov 17 10:01:31 EST 2000

Thanks Chris, I'll look at peeling back the boot Saturday and redo Scotts
voltage test, and recheck the breather and control valve.

Re the high boost indications, I got the car with an unknown chip already
installed. No indications on the outside of the ECU.  Of the two prior
owners, one denied doing anything to the car, the other did not respond to

Because the in-dash guage can read 2.4, my presumption is that this is a
replacement instrument. Seems like a chipping that paid attention to
details, so I might presume they included a higher rated pressure transducer
as well.

With the failure, for whatever reason, of the potentiometer, max boost is
indicated is 1.9 bar. The Bentley says with a pot failure the wastegate
spring serves as a mechanical default.  Does the 1.9 imply that the
wastegate spring was replaced as well?


Tom F.

> I'm still not sure how you're reading 2.4 bar on a stock gauge... the
200q20v gauge is supposed to only read up to 2.0 bar (and above that, 
> still reads 2.0).  Stock boost is only 1.8; typical mods change the
pressure transducer and allow up to 2.4 bar max, but the changed pressure 
> transducer usually means the stock gauge reads low.  Who did the chip?
> Also, how's your crankcase breather hose setup, and control valve?
> Chris
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