[200q20v] battery charging

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First of all, you don't have to pull the rear seat to be an electron donor -
use the positive terminal near the aircleaner and a ground located in the
engine compartment.

I admit, thoguh that a cigarette lighter connection sounds even easier- but
what guage are the wires/cables? Are they the size of ergualr jumper cables?
You need a lot of cross section to carry the amperage. Not sure about the
"wait five minutes" part. Are thye suggesting that five minutes of charging
will get the other battery enough power to start the car itself?

Tom F.

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> Have any listers ever used a battery starter that connects 
> via cigar/rette
> lighters?  I have been called upon a few too many times to 
> jump start a
> stranded motorist and its a huge hassle to access the battery 
> in the 200q's
> back seat (requisite Audi content) in order to do the right 
> thing and assist
> someone.  Last time I had to do this, it was pouring rain, 
> child car seat
> had to be pulled out of the rear seats, etc.  Not fun.  
> Direct mail outfit
> based here in town advertises a device called an "easy-start 
> jump starter"
> that claims to allow you to jump start your car through the 
> lighter sockets.
> You plug the device into the "donor" car, then into the 
> "dead" car, wait
> five minutes and start the engine.  An LED display is said to confirm
> correct connection and charging.  Cost is about $30.00.  
> Don't know whether
> the premium is worth it or not.   
> Advice is appreciated, as always.
> TIA, 
> Mark 
> mtrank at albemarle.org
> 91 200q20v 83k miles
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