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I would not use this device.  You need to send pretty significant amount of 
current through the fairly small wiring of the lighter.  Jump starting in 
general has been discouraged on the list, as it strains the alternator, and 
has the potential to fry expensive electronics, such as the ECU (but never 
actually heard of damage to anything but the alternator).

Doesn't your car have the "jump start post" under the hood?  Check your 
owner's manual; on the 200q20v, it is connected to the alternator and extends 
up to mount on the windshield washer bottle, adjacent to the air filter.  Big 
"+" on top.  

If you're going to do a jump start, hook up the cables between the jump start 
post and the other car's battery positive, then hook up to the other car's 
negative post, then to your car on a good ground.  Let your car run for a 
while, without trying to start the other car; this lets your alternator 
slowly charge the other battery.  Make sure all accessories are off on both 
cars.  After about 10 minutes, try starting the other car.

A better way may be to buy the $40 battery pack sold at various stores; 
allows you to jump start another car without using your battery or charging 
system at all.  If you don't have cables, seems like a good purchase; plus 
you could jump start your own car.


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<< Have any listers ever used a battery starter that connects via cigar/rette
lighters?  I have been called upon a few too many times to jump start a
stranded motorist and its a huge hassle to access the battery in the 200q's
back seat (requisite Audi content) in order to do the right thing and assist
someone.  Last time I had to do this, it was pouring rain, child car seat
had to be pulled out of the rear seats, etc.  Not fun.  Direct mail outfit
based here in town advertises a device called an "easy-start jump starter"
that claims to allow you to jump start your car through the lighter sockets.
You plug the device into the "donor" car, then into the "dead" car, wait
five minutes and start the engine.  An LED display is said to confirm
correct connection and charging.  Cost is about $30.00.  Don't know whether
the premium is worth it or not.   

Advice is appreciated, as always.

mtrank at albemarle.org
91 200q20v 83k miles

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