[200q20v] Help-UFO brake problems!

SCALMANINI,STEVE (A-Sonoma,ex1) steve_scalmanini at agilent.com
Fri Nov 17 17:30:41 EST 2000

Just for the proverbial record, there are 3 versions: 

1. the original style locating fastener hole (angled for 
   a common ~4-5 mm flat-head screw) 
2. the later style locating fastener hole (dual-diameter 
   hole roughly the size of a lug bolt hole; dual-diameter 
   meaning there's a step in the side of the hole) 
3. 1 & 2 combined. 

I've seen them all ways, ' promise, although most 
of the ones I've bought used (6) are the 3rd type, 
with both holes (ie, that's a total of 7 holes in 
the hub of the rotor: 5 for lug bolts and 2 for the 
2 styles of mounting fasteners.) 

If you shop for used ones you need to know this. The
the recyclers I've talked to don't ... even the Audi 
dedicated recyclers! 

I have P/Ns for the various styles at home somewhere 
but I'd have to dig to find them.  ' sorry. 


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... there are two different non-interchangable versions, 
the break point being at VIN# -MN 005 557, the difference 
being the rotor to hub locating fastner.

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