[200q20v] More info on UFO brakes.

digital leopard digitaleopard at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 17 23:38:14 EST 2000

Wow--12 hours and I'm buried under great information!  Thanks, everybody.  
Let me supply some more details, to sort things out:

The rotors are not warped, but are worn to undersize (60 thousands under 
minimum).  The shop says they are OK to drive on for a short period of time, 
but not for long.  Rich, Bernie, you suggested salvaging them-is this too 
far undersize to save?  Bernie-the local shop doesn't agree with you about 
there being two versions.  Is this 2 versions of the UFOs, or (as the local 
dealer says) does the later set indicate a switch to a non-UFO setup?  My 
local shop (Stammler Porsche/Audi in Boulder) quoted me $669, plus core 
charge for the rotors.  Carlsen quoted me $666 for the rotors, plus a $120 
core charge.  VM Autohaus quoted me $644 Cdn ($413.21), plus a $300 Cdn 
($192.49) core charge.  By the way, Wally at VM seems like a really nice 
guy.  I have a lead on a set of used rotors from a place in Washington 
state.  Order of operations now would seem to be:

1. Get opinions from all of you about reusing the current rotors.  (60 
thousands under seems like a lot.)
2. See if I can find a set at the local pick-and-pull, which is flat rate 
and will therefore be cheap for rare parts.
3. Get the used set from the place in Washington.  (they don't know if 
rotors are in spec, but they do a 30-day guarantee.)
4. Buy a new set if they don't work out.

Does anyone know of a good set of alternate pads for the UFOs?  The stock 
ones are good, but I hate seeing the BBS wheels that dusty.

As for the long term plans, the bigger brakes will be for track events and 
such.  That's a few years down the road, but as I need to change the front 
suspension for this, this is not in the cards right now...

Ron Merrell.
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