[200q20v] Re: The *problem* might be in the mirror....

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Sat Nov 18 12:29:10 EST 2000

Interesting to note, that the person that is slamming the qclub events, 
hasn't been (or been allowed) at one in 5years, the below is quite a 
statement.  Given the fact that the BMW club has more track "mishaps" than 
Qclub, certainly puts in perspective the "claim".   Interesting to note too, 
that this "self proclaimed" Skippy Instructor was turned down for CI at Qclub 
just about the time the qlist slamming started.  Coincidence?

Speaking of which, our ProRally team had a Skippy School executive staff 
member as our Navigator a couple times last year, he's never heard of EF, and 
he laughed at the "Lead Instructor" claim.   I'm sure he's wrong, the claims 
been on these lists for quite some time.   Maybe, if one is to make this 
claim in driving resume,  one can give us the exact dates of that service.  
Easily resolved...  Or just another unanswered FAQ appendix to the now 
infamous "Book of Claims?"

EF has a lot of ugly history with qclub, so saying "... that is my problem 
with qclub events" is laughable.  Qclub has had just as many problems with 
this individual as he has with them, all initiated from St Louis.  For more, 
ck the audifans archives, lots of bad blood.  Obviously "some"  leeches still 

Scott Justusson
Qclub Instructor
'87 5ktqw
'84 Urq
'83 Urq

In a message dated 11/18/00 3:48:42 AM Central Standard Time, 
steadi at swbell.net writes:

> > The instructors are really grappling with the issues
>  > of lots of very high HP cars showing up at the track with inexperienced
>  > drivers, and I wonder whether the informality of these events will really
>  > continue.

>  And that is my problem with Q-Club Events.  The instructors are just not
>  qualified enough.
>  Eric Fletcher
>  Former Skip Barber Racing School Lead Instructor
>  '00 S4tt

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