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Alex alexn at seanet.com
Sat Nov 18 11:06:03 EST 2000

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Interesting.  I read Eric's statement and had the same reaction. 
Scott, you beat me to the punch.

I have spent the last two years working for ProFormance Racing
School.  It is the driving school at our local track, Seattle
International Raceway.  During that time period, I have spent 44
days in the right seat.  I have worked everything from our basic
one day school to our SCCA / ICSCC (local sanctioning body) race
license certification programs.  I have also spent the last two
years road racing, this year running 4000 in SPM (Super
Production Middle).

It is no secret that I am not liked at Quattro Club National.  I
have had, and continue to have, my differences with the National
Clubs policies.  It is my enjoyment of the camaraderie and
instructing that keep me coming to National Events.  Instead of
making some blanket statement about how Quattro Club instructors
are not "qualified enough" I am attempting to volunteer my
experience and help the club where I can.  The NW region is
currently working on firm guidelines for both students and
instructors.  I am willing to set the axe (as in "axe to grind")
down to help the people in our area.

I believe the statement that Brandon was making is valid (and
misinterpreted by Eric).

Last year a student and instructor were medivaced out of Road
Atlanta.  I apologize, I can only relay the details that I was
given.  Apparently, the car was a new Porsche GT3R and the
student "wanted to see what the car would do" and got in way over
his head.  Here is a car that can turn lap times as fast as some
of the full blown IMSA cars could 10 years ago.  Yet, anyone with
enough money can possess one.  Someone didn't necessarily have to
climb the horsepower ladder to get into the drivers seat. 
ProFormance sees a lot of this type of scenario.  We have a lot
of young Microsoft Millionaires who love fast Porsches.  My boss
brought the story to our attention because he cares about his
instructors (and students) and wants us to keep these guys
"reeled in".  Brandon's point is well taken.  Today's cars are
very capable.  It amazes me what you can get away with in the new
cars that would just bite you in the butt in the old cars. 
Unfortunately, the converse is also true, when you do get bit you
will lose a much bigger chunk of ass.

Instructors are governed by the laws of humanity.  There are good
instructors and bad instructors at every club and school.  You
simply can't make a blanket statement about one club (or school,
for that matter) and expect people to let it go.  I am proud of
the fact that I am a Quattro Club instructor.  When you make that
statement, "The instructors are just not qualified enough", you
are also talking about me, and I do take it personally.

Alex Neckas
1991 200tq
1988 Yamaha FZR 1000 (and hey, it's a 20v)
1987 4000csq (3B, and, and, and)
1986 Vanagon Weekender
1986 Honda Civic Si (not quite sure how this got here)
1984 Sport (well 80% anyway)
1982 Euro UrQ (Complete rewire and 3B in process)

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QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
> Interesting to note, that the person that is slamming the qclub events,
> hasn't been (or been allowed) at one in 5years, the below is quite a
> statement.  Given the fact that the BMW club has more track "mishaps" than
> Qclub, certainly puts in perspective the "claim".   Interesting to note too,
> that this "self proclaimed" Skippy Instructor was turned down for CI at Qclub
> just about the time the qlist slamming started.  Coincidence?
> Speaking of which, our ProRally team had a Skippy School executive staff
> member as our Navigator a couple times last year, he's never heard of EF, and
> he laughed at the "Lead Instructor" claim.   I'm sure he's wrong, the claims
> been on these lists for quite some time.   Maybe, if one is to make this
> claim in driving resume,  one can give us the exact dates of that service.
> Easily resolved...  Or just another unanswered FAQ appendix to the now
> infamous "Book of Claims?"
> EF has a lot of ugly history with qclub, so saying "... that is my problem
> with qclub events" is laughable.  Qclub has had just as many problems with
> this individual as he has with them, all initiated from St Louis.  For more,
> ck the audifans archives, lots of bad blood.  Obviously "some"  leeches still
> remain.
> Scott Justusson
> Qclub Instructor
> '87 5ktqw
> '84 Urq
> '83 Urq
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> In a message dated 11/18/00 3:48:42 AM Central Standard Time,
> steadi at swbell.net writes:
> > > The instructors are really grappling with the issues
> >  > of lots of very high HP cars showing up at the track with inexperienced
> >  > drivers, and I wonder whether the informality of these events will really
> >  > continue.
> >  And that is my problem with Q-Club Events.  The instructors are just not
> >  qualified enough.
> >
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> >  Eric Fletcher
> >  Former Skip Barber Racing School Lead Instructor
> >  '00 S4tt
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