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Sat Nov 18 18:04:12 EST 2000

Hi Alex:
Wondering what it would take to bring you out ;).  I appreciate you taking 
the time to put forth your post, much better executed than mine.  That said, 
Brandon's point and your followup is right on, controlling the nut behind the 
wheel is a tough job for any instructor.  Several times, I've had a problem 
student, that has a bunch of money (+a bunch of mods), but can't drive.  THAT 
problem is not marque specific, Porsche, audi, vw, viper, bmw, all share this 
common concern for safety.  IME at these events, qclub is most fanatical 
(porsche almost an equal) about safety of students and their respective sheet 
metal.  Tracks and their officials are too!

A post that proclaims "Former Skippy Lead Instructor" (cough), that points at 
the qclub instructors for a all-marque safety concern, not only defies logic, 
but IMO defies the spirit and intent of being an instructor as a whole.  I'm 
positive that Skip Barber Racing wouldn't at all endorse this attitude from a 
'former' or current instructor.  In fact, qclub has had many Skippy 
graduates, racers and instructors at qclub events.  None come in with the 
attitude posted by EF.  Several of *us* instructors in fact, actively and 
consistently strive for excellence in the delicate matrix of ego, safety, 
instruction, and fun. 

Fun for instructors is seeing the progression of learning by the students 
over a couple of days at a track venue, reinforcing the positive thinking of 
the nut behind the wheel.  Every marque event would like to have a perfect 
sheet metal rating.  Reality/statistics and egos variation dictates that's 
not possible.  Let's also not forget that the absolute best drivers in the 
world, crash, it's the nature of physics.  

The post EF put forth was to slam Qclub events, not a new modus.  It's easy 
to sit in judgement and call foul.  To actually put up consistently, is 
lacking, and just adds another suspect "claim" to the pile in this case.  
Alienating the quattro club; their members and instructors on these lists, 
means that at least one doesn't enjoy sharing the comraderie or his self 
proclaimed 'voluminous' experience.

Every quattro owner should go to one of the qclub schools (and judge for 
yourself), if you haven't, you've really missed one of the best quattro 
experiences.  Sharing fun while learning needs no excuses.

My .02
Scott Justusson

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>  Interesting.  I read Eric's statement and had the same reaction. 
>  Scott, you beat me to the punch.
>  I have spent the last two years working for ProFormance Racing
>  School.  It is the driving school at our local track, Seattle
>  International Raceway.  During that time period, I have spent 44
>  days in the right seat.  I have worked everything from our basic
>  one day school to our SCCA / ICSCC (local sanctioning body) race
>  license certification programs.  I have also spent the last two
>  years road racing, this year running 4000 in SPM (Super
>  Production Middle).
>  It is no secret that I am not liked at Quattro Club National.  I
>  have had, and continue to have, my differences with the National
>  Clubs policies.  It is my enjoyment of the camaraderie and
>  instructing that keep me coming to National Events.  Instead of
>  making some blanket statement about how Quattro Club instructors
>  are not "qualified enough" I am attempting to volunteer my
>  experience and help the club where I can.  The NW region is
>  currently working on firm guidelines for both students and
>  instructors.  I am willing to set the axe (as in "axe to grind")
>  down to help the people in our area.
>  I believe the statement that Brandon was making is valid (and
>  misinterpreted by Eric).

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