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It is very important that you use either GL-4, or a compatible synthetic in
the manual transmission.

Do not use anything that has "GL-5" anywhere on the label.

Audi synchros are designed for GL-4 oils.

GL-5 keeps metal parts away from metal parts.  This is great except for the
fact that synchros work by being able to grab it's mating surface.  GL-4 oil
allows this to happen.

GL-5 tries to prevent the synchro from doing that.  The result is hard
shifting, burned, & bent synchronizers.

Redline MT-90 is compatable with inline Audi transmissions.

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Scott Mockry's site says this:
"Using a good synthetic lubricant in the Quattro transaxle (Manual
Transmssion/front differential) and in the rear differential is recommended.
This synthetic fluid improves cold weather shifting tremendously and Audi
supplied the 5000TQ with synthetic transmission fluid from the factory.
Redline MT-90 which is a 75W90 GL-4 rated synthetic is a good choice in the

There was a change in the filler plug location on the 016 type Quattro
transmissions. Beginning in 9/13/88 the filler hole was raised 15mm and the
capacity increased to 2.75 qts. and the transmission is full when the oil
level is 7mm below the lower edge of the filler plug. However, during
repairs, the transmission can be filled up to the bottom of the filler plug
hole and this would correspond to filling it with 3.4 qts.

Some VW and Audi enthusiasts use the Redline MTL (75W/80W) GL-4 synthetic
transmission oil but I don't recommend this lighter weight oil in the Audi
transaxles with Hypoid ring gear. The front wheel drive VW transmissions use
a different differential gear arrangement than the Audis due to the
transverse mounting of the transmission in the VW. The Redline     75W90
Synthetic Gear Oil is recommended in the Quattro rear differential. Go to
Redline Oil  Web page for more details... http://www.redlineoil.com/

I recommend changing the transmission fluid every 30-40k miles, even if you
are using synthetic fluid, the brass from the synchro wear tends to stay
suspended in the oil. Changing the fluid every 2-3 years can improve the
shift quality and remove the metal in the oil."


That's what I'd do...
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller at aol.com
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