[200q20v] Is it my turbo?

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> Brett,
>  As far as Audi turbos go, that is horse hockey.  I have never heard of 
>  anyone having to rebuild a turbo on an Audi unless they abuse the crap 
>  out of them.  Now if you have a GM turbo, they die after about 65k 
>  miles.   I have 2 Audi 200's in my driveway, one with 185,000 and the 
>  other with 205,000 and both turbos are fine.
>  rich andrews sr.

I've rebuilt several dozen turbos, including the k24.  As a rule, turbos on 
audis last about 150k, before they go out of spec (usually on the radial play 
test = bearings).  Your 2 standard deviations from the mean so noted.  K24's 
are notorious for failing mucho sooner, especially if they have been whacked 
at levels consistently above 2.2barPR, or have had BV failures.  Since I know 
Ingo's car quite well, and he has had both of the above 'problems', there is 
no doubt in my mind that he most likely has a turbo failure problem.

IME, the beefy kkk units outlast most of the other brands by a factor of at 
least 2, but all superturbochargers will fail, kinda like a computer hard 
drive, it's not an 'if' question.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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