[200q20v] Is it my turbo?

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Sun Nov 19 11:21:11 EST 2000

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> Rich:
>  I've rebuilt several dozen turbos, including the k24.  As a rule, turbos 
>  audis last about 150k, before they go out of spec (usually on the radial 
> play 
>  test = bearings).  Your 2 standard deviations from the mean so noted.  
>  are notorious for failing mucho sooner, especially if they have been 
>  at levels consistently above 2.2barPR, or have had BV failures.  Since I 
> know 
>  Ingo's car quite well, and he has had both of the above 'problems', there 
>  no doubt in my mind that he most likely has a turbo failure problem.
>  IME, the beefy kkk units outlast most of the other brands by a factor of 
>  least 2, but all superturbochargers will fail, kinda like a computer hard 
>  drive, it's not an 'if' question.
>  HTH
>  Scott Justusson

IME, the noise on transition from vac to boost can often be the turbo bypass 
valve.  The turbo is always spinning, even at idle.  Worth the $45 to see if 
the noise goes away.

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