[200q20v] More info on UFO brakes

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 19 23:09:11 EST 2000

At 08:18 AM 11/18/00 -0800, Bernie Benz wrote:
>One more thought on brake pads for your consideration.  IMO the wear limit
>specs on pads is there for the same purpose as it is on disks, to protect
>the manufacturer, repair shop, as well as the dumb consumer that dosn't know
>where his brakes are.  Pads are good until the pad material is gone (after
>which of course the backing plate destroys the rotor), but pad performance
>improves as the friction material is removed because the remaining pad
>surface has improving thermal conductivity to the backing plate.  Maybe you
>don't need new pads yet either, if you are willing to monitor them into the

Not sure some would agree...a few local Porsche club folks (drivers and 
shops servicing customer cars) report increased incidence of warped rotors 
when pads are worn to < 40% or so---even though there is lots of pad 
material left, there is less material to soak up heat--this is especially 
true if you use one of the popular carbon-kevlar products with a ceramic 
heat shield between the pad material and the backing plate.   For street 
use, not problem.

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