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Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at email.msn.com
Mon Nov 20 13:03:17 EST 2000

    Well I was bitten by the coilover bug too.  I have 2B coilovers on my 80
FWD.  On their recommendation I am running a stiffer front, 380 front and
340 rear, progressive.  Here is my impression from installation to

    Installation was a bit hairy.  The directions had gone arye and my
mechanic was really in need of them.  Once we had them he did the rear setup
first.  The collars with spacers pressed perfectly onto the Koni shocks.
Everything went on easily and came out great.  The fronts were another
story.  The 80 FWD models from '88-'90 have single piece struts unlike all
other TYP89's.  These struts are very similar to those on a 4k.  So the
first issue was the need for a centering method, duct tape?!  My mechanic
was not happy about this one, nor was I.  Though we did what the
instructions said only to find out that the collar is not tall enough to be
wedged down by the strut cap.  The instructions told us to remove the spring
basket and weld the steel ring on that seam.  Then it said to measure from
the steel ring to the strut cap.  If that distance was a little smaller than
the collar we were supposed to grind the collar a bit to fit.  The strut cap
is supposed to hold the collar from moving up and down.  In the single piece
strut cars we found that the distance from the strut cap to the steel ring
was much bigger than the collar.  So the collar rests on the steel ring and
we install a piece of pipe to make up the space between the strut cap and
top of the collar.  Still the duct tape seemed a bit odd, why not rubber
spacers, or even metal spacers like the rear FWD coilovers have?

    The first problem after install was bump stop length.  My mechanic
didn't cut the front ones enough and he aligned the car with the front
suspension riding on the stops.  So the first drive in the car felt rather
strange.  I cut those myself at home and got the car back at the height he
aligned it at.  Right away I noticed that exceedingly stiff ride.  I
personally loved it from day one, mechanic thinks it's too stiff.  Braking
pitch is almost null, same as acceleration (4cyl 115bhp:).  I haven't been
to the track to check the extreme limits of the car, but I have had plenty
of time on twisty country roads and long stretches of VT highway.  On dry
pavement, no matter how hard I go into a corner the rear end will not come
out.  The car does understeer, but no more than it did with the stock
suspension.  Body roll is very small.  The car handles exceedingly well, but
needs softer springs and a good strut brace.

    I am overall pleased with how the car feels and drives, though I feel
EVERY bump on the road and going over any speed bump requires I go 5mph or
suffer the consequences of launching yourself and your passengers.  I'd love
to get to the track and try out the suspension, plus the big brakes.  I hope
to think the car would handle quite well, though I'd have a hard time
keeping up with anyone on the straights.


Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 80

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