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> > -  Duct tape on the collars (Chandlers old girlfriend"Oh - my - God!").  
>  > A couple of spot welds at the bottom of the collar will hold it in place 
> or 
>  > even a seam weld).  Remember too that if there is play in the spring 
>  > (extension makes spring totally unload), you either have to go up in 
> spring 
>  > length, or use a tether that prevents total extension (this is what race 
> cars
>  > use - basically a couple eyebolts and a cable).  Easy to do on the rear 
> a 
>  > quattro, really tough to do on the front.
>  buy helper springs.  coleman (circle track vendor) sells them.  these
>  are wimpy flat-wound springs that go between the spring and the
>  collar.  normally they're mashed flat, but when the suspension
>  spring fully extends, they keep some pressure on the collar so it
>  doesn't change adjustment.

I'm not a fan of the helper springs for a few reasons, but to each his own.  
I'll just say a better avenue might be the Sport Bilsteins instead of the 
>  don't like tethers too much.  they limit your suspension travel
>  and they do it abruptly.

Depends on how you look at it teddy.  If you are lowering the car, you 
shouldn't have more upward movement than you have downward movement.  So, if 
you lower the car by 1.0inch via spring, then you need to stop upward travel 
by 1in. *or* change the strut extended length.  That can be done with custom 
length struts, or cheaply via a cable.  A suspension that is fully unloaded, 
is fully unloaded, you are just making sure that it has not become loose in 
the process.  IME, if you have an "abrupt" stop, you have the wrong 
suspension setup on the car.  


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