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Just one more question about the TBV.  According to both European and US
versions of ETKA, the Audi part 035 133 985 A goes to the MC engine.  I show
034 145 710 A to go to the 3B engine.  Also, I checked to see which valve
the UrS4 uses and it shows the same as the 3B.  I am going to buy a
replacement valve on Monday and would like to know which one I should be

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Part number trivia.

You may remember that when my original TBV failed, I replaced it with the
993 part supplied by Mac at Clair, and that the Bosch number was 0 280 142

When the 993 part failed after three weeks, I decided to go back to the Audi
part. I had my original, Bosch number  0 280 142 106, Audi part 035 133 985.
The ETKA shows the part as 035 133 985 A, "decelleration cut-off valve".  My
local Audi parts guy looked up the "A" number, got the part out, and it has
the same Bosch number at the 993 part: 0 280 142 108.

Incidently, Porche lists the part at about $5 cheaper than Audi.

I installed the new part last night, we will see how long it lasts.

Tom F.

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