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Scott Mockry has a good writeup on the tbv here:
and I've got more info on my site

Scott says:  "I have received a couple of replacement Bypass Valves from the 
Audi dealer for the 1991 200TQ 20V and for the 1992-95 S4/S6. Sometimes I get 
one with the Audi part number, the 034 145 710A, which also has the Bosch # 0 
280 142 108 embossed on the side. In other cases I have also received what I 
am told is the latest version of this bypass valve, the 034 145 710C which is 
shown to supersede the 710A and can be used on both the 3B engine and the AAN 
S4 2.22 litre turbo engine. Both of these Bypass Valves work fine in my 
experience on the 3B and the AAN engines so you can use the generic     Bosch 
# 0 280 142 108 (Audi # 034 145 710A) or you can order the dealer only Audi # 
034 145 710C . They both have the metal reinforcement on the diaphragm. "

Also, it was my understanding that the MC engine (10vt) didn't use a bypass 
valve in stock config; perhaps the european version, with a different 
intercooler, had one?

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller at aol.com
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<< Just one more question about the TBV.  According to both European and US
versions of ETKA, the Audi part 035 133 985 A goes to the MC engine.  I show
034 145 710 A to go to the 3B engine.  Also, I checked to see which valve
the UrS4 uses and it shows the same as the 3B.  I am going to buy a
replacement valve on Monday and would like to know which one I should be

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Part number trivia.

You may remember that when my original TBV failed, I replaced it with the
993 part supplied by Mac at Clair, and that the Bosch number was 0 280 142

When the 993 part failed after three weeks, I decided to go back to the Audi
part. I had my original, Bosch number  0 280 142 106, Audi part 035 133 985.
The ETKA shows the part as 035 133 985 A, "decelleration cut-off valve".  My
local Audi parts guy looked up the "A" number, got the part out, and it has
the same Bosch number at the 993 part: 0 280 142 108.

Incidently, Porche lists the part at about $5 cheaper than Audi.

I installed the new part last night, we will see how long it lasts.

Tom F.

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