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Hi Kirby:
*THE* rally car uses Hoka Q's (the FIA group A S2) or the Michelin Rally 
tires (not DOT approved).  My personal cars go without the ice rating (I 
don't like the soft sidewall), and my current favorite is the Pirelli Winter 
P210, which is now limited in terms of availability as Pirelli has gone with 
the Blizzack type approach.  For 'real' snow (dedicated) I'd go the Hoka or 
Graspix route.  Since in chicago snowy roads are pretty rare on the day to 
day drive, I opted for the stiffer sidewall and better water attributes of 
the 210.   It's not great at anything but water, but it is *very* predictable 
and very/good at allaround winter as I see it.  Don't forget too, that when 
it gets really stinky, our 4runner shods yearround one of the best 
combinations:  massive ground clearance, locking diffs, and BFG mudterrain 
T/A's (winch, chains and straps too).  Over the years I've got or run the 
gambit from Vredisteins to a variety of Haka flavors.  So, IME, one should 
buy winter shoes based in where you will be planting them most.  If it's ice, 
Blizzack has that in the bag.  If it's snow, Hoka does.  If it's in between 
or a mix, then experience of quattro should be your guide.  *AND/OR* go to 
the Steamboat Winter Driving School and learn how to drive quattro in winter.

All that said, the dedicated rally tires are tough to beat, but don't carry 
DOT ratings.   The skinny Michelins we run on the S2 sound worse than my Mud 
Terrain T/A's on my 4Runner.

My .02, btw,  I do a bunch of tire comparos in my steamboat reports every 
year, it's in the audifans archives.


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> OK, I'll bite.  What do you use on the rally car for real snows.
>  kirby

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