[200q20v] winter wheels

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Mon Nov 27 14:18:29 EST 2000

It's time to pass my 200q20v on to my mother, since I virtually don't need
it here in Boston, and I'm thinking about getting her winter wheels/tires
given that my SP 5000, while all season, are 225/50s and may not be the
best for winter conditions.

Does anyone know if the Tirerack's winter wheels will fit my 200q20v with
G60s?  In order to get the proper fitment, which model Audi, if different,
should I say I have?

Will some 5000 turbo or A4/6 15" rims also work?

Also, finally, which size 15" winter tires do you all run here?  205/60,
215/60, etc.

'91 2cq

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