[200q20v] winter wheels

Tom Donohue donohue at netconnx.net
Mon Nov 27 14:34:22 EST 2000

Chris...I'm running Goodrich 205/60SR15 T/A WR studded snows all around on my
91 200q20v Avant up here in Western MA...we've had a couple of snows already
(more coming Wed) and I get plenty of bite.  Have been running studded snows
for the past 5 winters, first 195/65s on the 89 200q avant and now the above.
I run to Phila. about once a month between October and May, so usually put in
about 4 or 5 such runs a year on the studs.  Never had a problem other than
blowing a tire on the NJ Turnpike a couple of winters ago...don't know whether
it was stud-related or not.  HTH.  Tom

Chris Covington wrote:

> It's time to pass my 200q20v on to my mother, since I virtually don't need
> it here in Boston, and I'm thinking about getting her winter wheels/tires
> given that my SP 5000, while all season, are 225/50s and may not be the
> best for winter conditions.
> Does anyone know if the Tirerack's winter wheels will fit my 200q20v with
> G60s?  In order to get the proper fitment, which model Audi, if different,
> should I say I have?
> Will some 5000 turbo or A4/6 15" rims also work?
> Also, finally, which size 15" winter tires do you all run here?  205/60,
> 215/60, etc.
> thanks,
> Chris
> '91 2cq
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