[200q20v] How do I stop the 15MPH cutout for the center dif?

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Mon Nov 27 17:00:07 EST 2000

How about this...

Connect the rear diff-lock actuator to vacuum via a solenoid-switch. Rig the
solenoid to the WFO throttle switch such that the rear diff locks
automatically at WFO and un-locks automatically when off-WFO. Insert a
toggle-switch in series as an enable/disable switch.


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YES!!  I want to do this too.   I've tried to find a Dave Lawson or the
reference online, but I guess I'm missing it.  Could someone point me in the
right direction?

	Rear diff locked torsen center cars:  I watched Dave Lawson try to
work the
	rear diff lock on the torsen car in his qwagon a couple years ago at

	steamboat, it sure didn't look pretty, more tail waggin that without
	FYI, he had also disconnected the 15mph cutout.  I do know that it
is very
	useful (just like the center/rear diff lockers) at steamboat coming
out of
	the hole past the apex, btdt with a well seasoned student in a 92
S4, mucho


Charlie McCoy
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