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Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
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I believe all Hakka 1s (and 10s)come with (empty) stud holes. The added cost
of the studs is not high, something on the order of $10-15 per tire. Go with
the Nokian 'eco studs', they are reasonably quiet, last a long time and are
not too slippery in the wet as they can compress into to tire on pavement
and not support as much of the weight Vs non-compressible conventional


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	i have pretty much decided to get the studless hakka 1's
	as my winter tire.  the only remaining issue is the stud
	holes.  if all hakka 1's come with stud holes, then i
	already have a set of studded hakka 1's with about 15% of
	the studs already missing.  i'll pry the studs out and
	save myself $400 or so.

	so, do all hakka 1's come with stud holes?

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Glen Dustin Powell wrote:

]I just have to put in a vote for Hakka 1s mit studs. Killer on sno and ice.
]Gotsah blow-away Blizzaks or anything else on wet ice. These are high-tech
]sno tahrs and NOT your dads sno thars!
]"The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 1 is the
]   safest studded tyre for winter driving
]   conditions. Its efficient Eco Stud
]   studding system guarantees secure
]   grip even on smooth ice. According
]   to impartial tests, the Hakkapeliitta
]   1's slushplaning properties are by far
]   the best available on the winter tyre
]   market."

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