[200q20v] Need help getting to the cruise control ECU

Rich Andrews r at cm183316-a.ftwrth1.tx.home.com
Mon Nov 27 18:08:43 EST 2000

Look at the turnsignal switch and unravel the black stuff wrapped around 
the wires.  Once you do that gently pull on each one of the wires.  You 
will probably find one that pulls out.  It might be best if you pull the 
switch out of the car to do this.  The fix is obvious.  An ohmmeter and 
the bentley should do just fine in doing a full diagnosis of the switch.


Steve Bednarski wrote:

> Thanks for the help so far regarding my non-functioning cruise control on a
> 1991 200Q.
> I have read more of the Bentley manual and find a series of helpful tests
> that require obtaining access to the cruise control ECU electrical
> connector.  The Bentley manual shows the cruise control ECU located above
> the glovebox area.  I have removed the glovebox assembly but still can't
> gain access to the ECU.
> Any thoughts?  Help!
> Steve B.
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