[200q20v] Notes on getting a new transmission from Germany

Gene Caldwell optic at halcyon.com
Tue Nov 28 05:10:51 EST 2000

Just felt I should share some of my experience on this matter.  In
short, the process was straightforward and I now have a NEW transmission
in my garage, waiting for installation, which probably won't happen
until I grow tired of admiring the newness of it.

After Charlie McCoy posted his experience, I decided I couldn't pass the
opportunity to get one of these new 5 speed units.  I got in touch with
Robert Braunschweig <rbraun at transtec.de>, who is the "German Connection"
for these units.  He is also quite familiar with the mechanics of
shipping and customs.  With his help and encouragement, I did the
customs and airport pickup myself, which probably saved me about $200. 
The customs paperwork only took about 10 minutes.  The total cost of
getting the transmission including shipping and fees will come in close
to $1000, which seems pretty reasonable.  

I found Robert to be pleasant and honest to deal with.  Without this
mailing list (and the resulting global community) I doubt I would even
have had an option to get a new transmission, more likely a rebuild


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