[200q20v] idling by

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Tue Nov 28 14:57:01 EST 2000

Fellow listers:

I have followed the guidelines of the owner's manual in my 200q (91 20v) as
far as letting the engine idle for a couple of minutes minimum after driving
under boost or after lengthy driving.  Usually, however, around town and
after short trips (absent boost or other hard driving conditions) I don't
follow this practice.  Am I correct that this is the proper protocol to
follow?  Does anyone adhere to a different practice with better results or
for different reasons?

Sorry to waste the bandwidth on what may be a straightforward issue, but I
have wanted to ask this for awhile!


Mark A. Trank
mtrank at albemarle.org
91 200q20v 83k miles
91 100q (gone)
87 5kcstq (still in the family)

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