[200q20v] Problems.. where to start? (very long)

-J J- fussball_3 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 22:29:50 EST 2000

Hey all,
First off I just want to say thanks for all of the help you guys have given 
me in the past. It seems though that i have come upon my biggest, and most 
flustering problem yet. A bout a week ago, I had sent an email out about my 
catalytic converters needing replacement. I had that done, and also replaced 
the distributor cap, because it had been cross firing. I noticed about two 
weeks ago (right when all of my troubles started) that my oil level was 
above what i had ever had in the car, it was really high, and i had not put 
oil in for quite sometime. I thought this odd, but ignored it. Before the 
cats had been replaced, the car had been running really poorly: (this is a 
copy of my original message)

   I have been having troubles with my 200 for the past 3 days. It started 
on thursday when we had heavy rains all day and night, and I did a lot of  
driving that day too. It was cold also, perhaps 40 degrees F. On the day it  
was raining the car started very hard, and idled roughly, nearly stalling, I 
  would have to give it gas to keep it from stalling. When i would start  
driving it would hesitate on acceleration. When warm it would run fine 
though. On friday i could not get the car to start at all. It would crank  
fine, so no problem with the battery, but it would not catch. Today it
started hard again, I had to crank for 5 seconds or more. It is idling  
terribly now, it will stall even if i give it gas. I drove it for a bit and  
it got better when warm, but then i just tried to start it 20 minutes ago,  
and the idle was worse than ever, and i didn't dare try to drive it for fear 
of stalling and not being able to start it again.

... That was my problem two weeks ago. After the new cats and new 
distributor it ran fine for a week. I even drove on a 200 mi. trip to South 
Bend IN and back with no trouble. On the way back i experienced some 
surging, and my boost was low, and would not build up. I got home, and tried 
to start the car the next day- no start at all. My father and I tow- started 
the car finally, it ran roughly and was smoking pretty badly, black smoke 
mostly, but sometimes white also. We decided to bring it to the dealer- a 45 
minute drive. On the way there, the smoking got worse, and suddenly the fuel 
gauge began dropping visibly. I made it about 15-20 highway miles on 3/4s of 
a tan of gas.. uh-oh. We stopped at a gas station, and filled up. No start 
at all. I had to two the car to the dealer. Today the dealer worked on it. 
They have no idea as to what is wrong. They did a compression check, perfect 
on all cylinders, (if that helps at all.. ) The strange thing is that they 
found fuel in the crankcase oil. This explains the high-oi l problem.

But now, what should I do? I have no idea as to what is wrong, the dealer is 
stumped. I need some input! Any ideas would be great. BTW I installed a 
Hoppen ECU from Keith a little more than two months ago, would this cause 
anything to happen like this?!? Sorry the message is so long, but i just 
wanted to be thorough. Thanks guys!!

John Gronberg Jr.
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