[200q20v] Re:Problems...Where to start?

Tim Sidders tpsidders1 at netzero.net
Wed Nov 29 00:59:36 EST 2000

The problem is most likely with your ignition system(Cap, Rotor, plugs, wires) The reason you have fuel inthe oil is because the car is still running and delivering fuel to all cylinders, one or more of those cylinders is not firing or burning the fuel, it only has one place to go.... past the rings and into the oil. I once had a VW rabbit that I had bought with this same problem.... misfiring....I also had ALOT of fuel in the oil. I changed the cap, rotor, plugs and wires along with fresh oil and puuuurrrrrrrr! like new. I'm assuming someone didn't do their job correctly. If you have the dealer change the cap again have them change the rotor also, it's stupid not to do this with the cap off, and its relatively cheap too! I'd start with the obvious and work from there CAP<ROTOR<PLUGS<WIRES..Let us know how it goes.


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