[200q20v] Oversteer in stock 91 200tq

Henry A Harper III hah at srv.net
Wed Nov 29 00:14:28 EST 2000

On Tuesday, November 28, 2000 7:20 PM, Chris Covington [SMTP:malth at umich.edu] 
> I don't see how the model of tires matters one bit, so long as the
> diameter is the same.  I had different brands all together (Yoko and
> Goodyear) before I got my 16" rims and didn't have any oversteer
> problems...  I'd look beyond the tires - alignment, struts, bushings.  For
> the same amount of money you'd throw away on new "matching" tires you
> could get bushings done all around, or an alignment, or tie rods, etc.
> Oversteer is not a bad problem to have anyway. ;)

Not that Derek's car might not need bushings, shocks and an alignment, but the 
tire factor should certainly not be dismissed.

Ask James Marriott if different tires can cause strange handling behavior on a 
44q, even if they are the same *nominal* size (measure a few different brands 
and see if they are all exactly the same size). Right now he has (IIRC) BFG 
comp t/a on the front (after his dad flat-spotted the new tires at PIR school) 
and g-force kdw on the back - he says he gets *torque steer* under boost (89 
200q). When he took a long trip on three BFG and a Pirelli on the rear (flatted 
a BFG the day before leaving, no time to get a new tire) it would oversteer to 
one side much more than the other.


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