[200q20v] Distributor gear crunched...

Craig Angus crangus at rof.net
Tue Nov 28 22:40:37 EST 2000


Had the interesting and unpleasant experience of the '91 stopping suddenly
after about 15 seconds of running after a normal cold start.  No noise,
nothing.  After plodding around, I figured it was the hall sensor.  Mechanic
discovers it was a shattered distributor gear.  Have to buy a whole new
distributor.  Best price I've found is $366.00.  Any BTDTs??  Have to 
remove a lot of stuff to get at the dizzy but will give me a chance to
check out the injector spray patterns.  Starting had been a little more
difficult recently but no other warnings.  Glad it did it in the yard 
(where it was 2 degrees F at the time...).

Any advice, experience, or parts info most appreciated!

Craig in Colorado

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