[200q20v] Oversteer in stock 91 200tq

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> I don't see how the model of tires matters one bit, so long as the
> diameter is the same.  I had different brands all together (Yoko and 
> Goodyear) before I got my 16" rims and didn't have any oversteer
> problems...  I'd look beyond the tires - alignment, struts, bushings.  For
> the same amount of money you'd throw away on new "matching" tires you
> could get bushings done all around, or an alignment, or tie rods, etc.
> Oversteer is not a bad problem to have anyway. ;)
> Chris
> '91 2cq
> On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Edward J Kellock wrote:
> > I agree with Henry.  Get those tires matched up.  I would
> > also highly recommend getting your alignment and rear 
> > bushings checked.  If all that sounds just too much trouble,
> > then I'd be willing to trade you even up for my Coupe GT.

Intentional oversteer is also possible and has been effectively used in 
racing /rally applications by keeping the same brand/diameter tires, but 
using wider rims/tires up front.  This necessitates either a 
widening/enlarging of the front wheel housing area -not for the timid!  You 
cound have 7" rims in back and 9 or 10" in the front (conceivably).  

But I think I'd stick the same size all around as a practical matter and get 
used to a little understeer.

'91 200 with a few mods...
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