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> JJ
> The problem is most likely with your ignition system(Cap, Rotor, plugs, 
> wires) The reason you have fuel inthe oil is because the car is still 
> running and delivering fuel to all cylinders, one or more of those 
> cylinders is not firing or burning the fuel, it only has one place to 
> go.... past the rings and into the oil. I once had a VW rabbit that I had 
> bought with this same problem.... misfiring....I also had ALOT of fuel in 
> the oil. I changed the cap, rotor, plugs and wires along with fresh oil and 
> puuuurrrrrrrr! like new. I'm assuming someone didn't do their job 
> correctly. If you have the dealer change the cap again have them change the 
> rotor also, it's stupid not to do this with the cap off, and its relatively 
> cheap too! I'd start with the obvious and work from there CAP<ROTOR<PLUGS<
> WIRES..Let us know how it goes.

This reminds me of another problem a friend had on his 84 4K.  The cold start 
injector would stick open, causing the same fuel in oil/bad running 
situation.  Now I'm not sure if there is a cold start injector on the 200q20v 
with Motronic --I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

'91 200 with a few mods...
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