[200q20v] Rear fog lights, how to enable?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Nov 29 09:15:34 EST 2000

The ONE rear foglight (on the US driver side in the tail light lens) is a 
second circuit/filament in that light.  Failure could be either in the 
second circuit turned on by the switch or in the filament in the bulb.  On 
my 200, the connectors for the fog light circuit in the light fixture were 
corroded so that even though the tail light worked, the fog light 
wouldn't.   A little cleaner and some dielectric grease has kept the light 
functional for the last year or so.

At 01:21 AM 11/29/2000 -0800, Tim Sidders wrote:

>Hi all,
>has anyone had the experience of enabling their rear for lights on a 200 
>quattro, I have a 91 200 20v and would like to enable the rear fogs....TIA

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