[200q20v] Oversteer in stock 91 200tq

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Nov 29 13:21:09 EST 2000

At 12:05 PM -0500 11/29/00, Chris Covington wrote:

>the 200q20v in question does
>not have different width tires (or even make) nor do I believe on the
>side that tires make absolutely no difference wrt the handling of a car.

>Nevertheless, I'll clarify these readings into my advice, which I
>think are a stretch:  I meant to imply that such a large change in the
>handling of a factory understeering 200q20v to an oversteering machine is
>probably less related to tires than it is to other factors.

Well perhaps our difference of opinion lies in the extent to which we think
Derek's car is "oversteering".  Derek, IMO, did not report that his '91
200q was now "an oversteering machine" nor did he imply (to my thinking)
that there was a "large change" from expected handling. What he questioned
was: "a tendency for some power-on, lift-throttle, and late-braking (or is
it trail-braking) oversteer in the wet."  Not loss of control, not a 360,
etc. If your quattro has never put it's tail out a bit when lifting
throttle in a curve under low traction conditions, then consider
yourself...well maybe "lucky" is not the right word. How about "special"? I
agree with you, btw, that oversteer is not such a bad thing. But I think
we'd both agree that the really important thing is consistency (or maybe
predictability is a better term here).

>And suppose these new tires are much
>less warn than the front 2?  Should he then replace all 4 simply because
>it's "easy" although expensive and time consuming?

While it wasn't my intent to suggest Derek rush out and buy two (or 4 ) new
tires, it's possible my statement might be interpreted that way. I had in
mind that he'd have a friend nearby with whom he could switch tires. But a
really simple way for him to test tire effects would be merely to make a
front-to-rear switch of his own (current) wheels/tires. So,  with about
thirty minutes work and no cost, the question (regarding tires) should be


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