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Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Thu Nov 30 02:01:48 EST 2000

Wow!  That's some response, and...and...and... I'm pleased to report that I have solved the "oversteer issue."  Once I got the second opinion of someone who thought that the problem might lie in the tires, I decided it was time for a little rotation action.  So Blammo, decided this morning to enact a front to back, and back to front type scenario (tires specifically, not the train) Ya know, I'll be damned if I can get the tail to hang anymore! :) :(  A little safer, a little more conservative of a setup, but I can do a little harder chargin' now in the wet.  To be honest though, I do miss those wet power-on oversteer moments, but I don't miss a certain wet twitchines/instability, from the rear at speeds of 50 odd miles an hour on freeway interchanges.  

I think my most haenous (sp?) incident with this setup occured going over one of the local passes in the wet, I was taking a corner at around 80ish, (it was the fun twisty section at the top of Snoqualmie Pass if you know the area) and decided to I think it's called "apex" the corner, shot or more aptly drifted from the outside lane (3rd) land to the inside lane and I swear my eyes probably opened to my forehead as I felt the back end come loose.  It was probably just a tad, but I was "front and center" real quick.  Got a little oposite lock and all was fine, but good lord!  Can't remember specifically if I had lifted the throttle at the same time as heading to the inside, or just turned in, but I didn't crap, my heart did skip, and my driving surely slowed down for a little while thereafter.  

I appreciate everyones input on this, I wasn't really sure if this was the way the car was supposed to handle.  Kind of went with a Piech idea I'd heard of how he really liked the 911 because it required ultimate concentration by the drived or ye gonna get bit in the ass (more of a paraphrase than actual quote I believe).  So I thought that since the 5k/100/200 was his baby, and since it could be convincingly argued that the '91 200Q was the so called crescendo of the line, that maybe he went ahead and had this tendency enginered into the vehicle.  All the reviews I'd read seem to call the car "neutral," so I figured, ya that makes sense, it does what I tell it right?  In retrospect, this was probabably a slight oversteer tendency.  I knew a friend of mines experience with their 100 never ilicited such response, but I figured the different stance, suspension set, and the "Piech's baby" factor etc could have come into play.

This was the tire setup I had on the car when purchased so I didn't have any reference point for this particular year, setup, and all.  And for the big unveiling I'll go ahead and disclose the tires that are on the now "understeering beast."  When I purchased the car, the previous owner had just put those 100,000 mile Toyo tires  on the front due to a reported sidewall bubble, and some other such Toyo touring tire was still hanging on in the back (I think the previous incarnation of the miracle 100k mile tire); all four are in a 205/60/15 on the stock BBS's.  Ah, fer the love of god!  It's been a good way to learn the car though.  

Now to the bushings issue.  With the rotation action, I have noticed that the 100,000 mile tires track really well, and in fact track so well that they were doing a good job of masking the short coming in the front end.  Now with the non 100k tires in the front, front end bushing slop is approximately 4000 times more noticeable.  I see, skinned knuckles in my future, new bushings and so on ala Mr. Mockry.

So thank's again everybody for your input!  I figured after all the ideas I got, I should at least give a back at least half a diatribe!

PS:  If there's anybody else out there in the Seattle area, to the best of my knowledge, I currently hold the land speed record for cornering at the Seatac Airport Parking Garage curly-cue entrance/exit ramps with a speed of 23 MPH in my stock 85 GTI.  No noticeable effect on speed was discerened with ascending or descending the ramp.  Any takers?  Just be aware, it is a two person operation, one to drive and one to speedo gawk. And as far as that Coupe GT trade, are you sure you're looking out for my best interest?  I mean, isn't that a front-wheel drive Pontiac or Chrysler or something?  I appreciate the offer, but I think I'll go ahead and stick with the 200 :)!

Hasta Luego

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