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Edward J Kellock ekellock at juno.com
Thu Nov 30 07:24:09 EST 2000

Glad to hear you seem to have solved the conundrum.
I'm sure you're aware that your tires are one size smaller
than recommended.  I speak from direct personal experience
when I say, get a matching set of tires in the right size, as soon
as is reasonable for you.  

Colorado Springs

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 02:01:48 -0800 "Derek Pulvino" <DPulvino at agraus.com>
> Wow!  That's some response, and...and...and... I'm pleased to report 
> that I have solved the "oversteer issue."  Once I got the second 
> opinion of someone who thought that the problem might lie in the 
> tires, I decided it was time for a little rotation action.  So 
> Blammo, decided this morning to enact a front to back, and back to 
> front type scenario (tires specifically, not the train) Ya know, 
> I'll be damned if I can get the tail to hang anymore! :) :(  A 
> little safer, a little more conservative of a setup, but I can do a 
> little harder chargin' now in the wet.  To be honest though, I do 
> miss those wet power-on oversteer moments, but I don't miss a 
> certain wet twitchines/instability, from the rear at speeds of 50 
> odd miles an hour on freeway interchanges.  
> I think my most haenous (sp?) incident with this setup occured going 
> over one of the local passes in the wet, I was taking a corner at 
> around 80ish, (it was the fun twisty section at the top of 
> Snoqualmie Pass if you know the area) and decided to I think it's 
> called "apex" the corner, shot or more aptly drifted from the 
> outside lane (3rd) land to the inside lane and I swear my eyes 
> probably opened to my forehead as I felt the back end come loose.  
> It was probably just a tad, but I was "front and center" real quick. 
>  Got a little oposite lock and all was fine, but good lord!  Can't 
> remember specifically if I had lifted the throttle at the same time 
> as heading to the inside, or just turned in, but I didn't crap, my 
> heart did skip, and my driving surely slowed down for a little while 
> thereafter.  
> I appreciate everyones input on this, I wasn't really sure if this 
> was the way the car was supposed to handle.  Kind of went with a 
> Piech idea I'd heard of how he really liked the 911 because it 
> required ultimate concentration by the drived or ye gonna get bit in 
> the ass (more of a paraphrase than actual quote I believe).  So I 
> thought that since the 5k/100/200 was his baby, and since it could 
> be convincingly argued that the '91 200Q was the so called crescendo 
> of the line, that maybe he went ahead and had this tendency 
> enginered into the vehicle.  All the reviews I'd read seem to call 
> the car "neutral," so I figured, ya that makes sense, it does what I 
> tell it right?  In retrospect, this was probabably a slight 
> oversteer tendency.  I knew a friend of mines experience with their 
> 100 never ilicited such response, but I figured the different 
> stance, suspension set, and the "Piech's baby" factor etc could have 
> come into play.
> This was the tire setup I had on the car when purchased so I didn't 
> have any reference point for this particular year, setup, and all.  
> And for the big unveiling I'll go ahead and disclose the tires that 
> are on the now "understeering beast."  When I purchased the car, the 
> previous owner had just put those 100,000 mile Toyo tires  on the 
> front due to a reported sidewall bubble, and some other such Toyo 
> touring tire was still hanging on in the back (I think the previous 
> incarnation of the miracle 100k mile tire); all four are in a 
> 205/60/15 on the stock BBS's.  Ah, fer the love of god!  It's been a 
> good way to learn the car though.  
> Now to the bushings issue.  With the rotation action, I have noticed 
> that the 100,000 mile tires track really well, and in fact track so 
> well that they were doing a good job of masking the short coming in 
> the front end.  Now with the non 100k tires in the front, front end 
> bushing slop is approximately 4000 times more noticeable.  I see, 
> skinned knuckles in my future, new bushings and so on ala Mr. 
> Mockry.
> So thank's again everybody for your input!  I figured after all the 
> ideas I got, I should at least give a back at least half a diatribe!
> PS:  If there's anybody else out there in the Seattle area, to the 
> best of my knowledge, I currently hold the land speed record for 
> cornering at the Seatac Airport Parking Garage curly-cue 
> entrance/exit ramps with a speed of 23 MPH in my stock 85 GTI.  No 
> noticeable effect on speed was discerened with ascending or 
> descending the ramp.  Any takers?  Just be aware, it is a two person 
> operation, one to drive and one to speedo gawk. And as far as that 
> Coupe GT trade, are you sure you're looking out for my best 
> interest?  I mean, isn't that a front-wheel drive Pontiac or 
> Chrysler or something?  I appreciate the offer, but I think I'll go 
> ahead and stick with the 200 :)!
> Hasta Luego
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