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Thu Nov 30 09:45:11 EST 2000

In a message dated Thu, 30 Nov 2000  9:33:28 AM Eastern Standard Time, Edward J Kellock <ekellock at juno.com> writes:

<< Glad to hear you seem to have solved the conundrum.
I'm sure you're aware that your tires are one size smaller
than recommended.  I speak from direct personal experience
when I say, get a matching set of tires in the right size, as soon
as is reasonable for you.  

Colorado Springs

The 205 width tires are typically what is used for winter rubber (snow tires), as well as the stock size for the 200 quattro non-20v, so they're not that bad.  You're sacrificing some ultimate grip in cornering, while reducing unsprung weight and rolling resistance slightly.

Many people with 200q20vs go up a size to 225's; some of us push the envelope with even wider rubber, but that's on larger diameter rims...

One issue is finding good performance rubber in the 215/60r15 size; there's only a few options.  I recommend perusing the www.tirerack.com site under tires for available options.  I've also got a tire size comparison calculator on my site, that lets you find a tire with similar rolling diameter to the stock size.


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