[200q20v] Avant, new price

Tom and Carlyn Jervis jervidae at cybermesa.com
Sun Oct 1 20:49:35 EDT 2000

OK, price comes down to $12,000.  I will sell this car.  If you are 
interested let me know.  Price will continue to come down (slowly) 
until it sells, but then its gone.  Lots of people buy these cars for 
$9,500 and then spend $5,000 putting them right.  This one already is.

1991 Audi 200 TQ Avant, Glacier Blue/Dark blue interior, 114,000 
miles, compulsively maintained to date by original owner.  Car 
garaged when not on the road.  This car could sit on a showroom floor 
without embarrassment.

No phone, no kids, no pets, no smokers, no Bose fireworks system, no 
cracks in front shock tower bracing.  Everything works (actually, I 
think one of the indicator lights in the window switches is out.). 
UFO rotors with no-dust pads.  New distributor this winter.  Oil 
changes at 3,000-4,000 miles, Burns no oil.  All other maintenance 
performed as required.  Power steering fluid and filter changed 

Modifications/upgrades:  Euro lights, Bilstein HD shocks, UFOs 
cold-treated, No engine mods. Michelin Pilot XGT-VR-4 tires at 97K 
mi, roof bars, original floor mats unused.  UFOs survived track time 
a year ago (prior to cold treatment) so they are probably keepers.

Never any structural damage.  Right rear quarter panel was repainted 
by high-quality shop in July, 1998 as a result of small ding (2" 
diameter) from hit and run.  You can't see any contrast to orginal 
paint. There are no body dings.

Can deliver within reasonable distance but that depends on price. If 
you want an Avant, this is the one.

Tom Jervis
Los Alamos, NM
Jervidae at cybermesa.com

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