[200q20v] spring source-Eibach or H&R (less preferable)

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at uslink.net
Mon Oct 2 20:55:51 EDT 2000

packley wrote:

> I recall someone mentioning a special re-run by Eibach for their springs for
> the 200 and urS4/S6.
> Who do I call, or e-mail for these springs?
> Thanks
> Phil Ackley

    I too was looking for Eibach springs the '91 200, even sent back a pair from
Wolf Sport that was suppose to work on the '91 (part # 1506-140 that they
claimed they were sure are for '89-'91 100 and 200's including 20vtq's.  The
box said they are for up to 5000/100/200 - much lighter cars).  Not sure if
Eibach ever made a spring specifically for the '91 - the #1529.140 in the group
purchase is listed for '92 on 100/S4/A4 - according to Linus Toy.  I needed a
set up quick to get ready for Road America last week so I installed H&R #29800
(the only spring specifically made for the '91 200 only as far as I know).   I
matched them with Koni yellow sports (#86-2149 front - set at 3/4 out from
minimum, and #80-2630 rear - set at 3/8 out from min., about 2 1/4 out is
maximum).  This lowed my car 3/4" in the front, and 1 1/4" in the rear.  For the
winter I may want to add spacers to the set rings on the rear shocks for better
snow clearance - rears are super easy to get off - 3 bolts above and one below
and its off - also can easily change settings by doing this - much easier in the
front.  Also front shocks can be replaced (under lifetime warrantee) without
taking off struts and decompressing springs- unlike Bilsteins I'm told..  This
set up was outstanding at the track and also passed the wife daily driver test -
she noticed the tar strips etc. in the road she didn't feel with the stock set
up, but we also went from stock '15 Michelin tires to '17 Sumitomo HRT II's.
She liked the way it even turned easier and more stable on turns and at higher
speeds - Guess she needs to get to the track soon.  But not a harsh ride at
all.  It still tracks great with the wider  235x45 17's, but had an alignment
done by a shop recommended by Anderson Motorsport - will get specific set up
when I get time.  The car performed very well at Road America with very little
dive and excellent control with little lean on hard turning and stopped like a
SOB. Oh yeah, I also finished a UFO a brake upgrade - next message.

Steve Crosbie

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